Leading with Agility and Resilience


20 - 24 Feb, 2023


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Leading with Agility and Resilience

course-obj_img Course Objectives

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    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Recognize the importance of leading agile and resilient organizations during turbulent times
    • Assess leadership capabilities for agility and resilience
    • Lead and develop proactive mechanisms to withstand environmental disruptions
    • Create compelling strategies to lead and drive agility and resilience
    • Execute strategies to build and enhance agile and resilient organizations

course-obj_img Target Audience

Executives, directors, senior managers, division managers, team leaders and all professionals who want to be updated with the latest trends in management and leadership

  • Understanding agility and resilience
    • Defining organizational agility and resilience
    • The new norms: pace, disruptions and turbulence
    • Organizational comparison: agility and resiliency versus rigidity and fragility
    • The importance of adaptive capacity
      • ​The Adaptive Capacity Framework
    • The concept of resilience engineering
  • Agility and resilience: A leadership pre-requisite
    • The Leadership self-assessment - Agility and Resiliency Profile TM
      • ​​Assessment analysis and action plan
    • Critical competencies to lead in a disruptive business environment
    • The implications of agility and resilience for leadership
    • Anticipating disruptions before the damage occurs
    • Organizational agility and resilience: a leadership decision ​
  • Preparing for an agile and resilient workplace
    • A workplace assessment – An Organizational Profile TM
      • ​​Assessment analysis and action plan
    • The culture connection
    • Skills associated with an agile and resilient work practice
    • Understanding the difference between change management and agility
    • Rethinking and redesigning the business
  • Essential strategies for developing agile and resilient organizations
    • Establishing the leadership team
    • Putting the right communication system in place
      • ​​Establishing clarity
      • Reinforcing the message
      • The role of social networking
    • Aligning people, processes and technology
      • ​Hiring practices
      • ​Individual performance measures
      • Workplace policies
      • Skill development
      • Supportive technologies
    • Compensating resilience and agility
    • The entrepreneurial mindset and its importance in the workplace
  • From strategy to implementation
    • Employee engagement and team empowerment
    • Promoting action and resourcefulness
    • Developing resilient and agile managers
    • The agility and resiliency scorecard
    • Indications of successful agility and resiliency mastery
      • Establishing performance measures
      • ​​Internal indicators
      • External indicators
      • Reporting an agility and resilience

2023 - Course Type & Date

DATE: 20 - 24 Feb, 2023

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