Banking and Financial Services Vocabulary related to Foreign Trade Operations


15 - 19 Jul, 2024



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Banking and Financial Services Vocabulary related to Foreign Trade Operations

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    •Define some of the risks related to foreign trade operations and the role of banks to minimize such risks.

    •Explain the international commercial terms (INCOTERMS 2020 publication 723).

    •Describe methods of payment in foreign trade.

    •Illustrate the documentary credit process (publication 600).

    •Identify the different shipping documents and their standard of examination.

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Module 1 – Risks Related to Foreign Trade Operations and the Role of Banks to Minimize such Risks

•Introduction to foreign trade

•Risks related to foreign trade

•Role of the banks to minimize risks related to foreign trade •Contractual procedures and conducting the deal

•Foreign trade contract (the pro-forma invoice)

•Terms of shipment 


Module 2: The International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS 2020 Publication 723)


• vocabularies related to extra charges.

•The four groups of terms

•Detailed explanation of each of the 11 terms

•Practical exercises and workshop


Module 3 – vocabulary related to Methods of Payment in Foreign Trade . 

Methods of payment in foreign trade: advance payment, open account, documentary collection and documentary credit 

Definition of documentary collection according to publication 522  

Parties of collection 

Types of collection

The collection instructions

The mechanism of transferring funds related to documentary collection.

Study of bill of exchange used in documentary collection.

Practical exercises and workshop


Module 4 – vocabulary related to Documentary Credit 

Cycle of documentary credit (theoretically and through SWIFT messages category 7) 

The uniform customs and practice for documentary credit publication 600

Relation between the applicant and the issuing bank  Issuance of a documentary credit

Responsibilities of: issuing bank, advising bank, confirming bank and nominated bank 

Availability of a documentary credit by: sight, acceptance, deferred, negotiation 

Workshop to study a documentary credit application and issuance  Confirmation and Negotiation 

Types of documentary credit 


Module 5 – Vocabulary related to Shipping Documents and their Standard of Examination 

Commercial invoice 

Transport documents 

 Insurance documents 

Other documents

 Standard of documents’ examination 

Practical exercises and workshop 


Participants will be informally assessed on their interaction during sessions and their participation  in exercises;

2024 - Course Type & Date

DATE: 15 - 19 Jul, 2024

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