Bank-Client Relationship Mastery: Tailored Strategies for Corporate and Personal Banking Executives


01 - 01 Jan, 1970



Why Attend?

Over this intensive 3-day workshop, banking executives will delve into the specialized domain of relationship management tailored for the unique needs of corporate and personal banking clients. Attendees will gain hands-on skills to foster meaningful, long-term relationships, positioning their bank at the forefront of client-centric services.

course-obj_img Course Objectives

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    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    1. Understand the distinct relationship dynamics of corporate versus personal banking clients.
    2. Equip banking professionals with tools and strategies to nurture and deepen client relationships.
    3. Address key challenges faced in banking relationship management, from service expectations to digital transformation.
    4. Enhance client loyalty, ensuring long-term profitability and brand reputation.
    5. Foster a proactive client-centric culture within the banking environment.

course-obj_img Target Audience

  • Corporate Banking Executives and Managers
  • Personal Banking Executives and Managers
  • Customer Relationship Managers and Executives
  • Private Bankers and Wealth Managers
  • Senior Bank Branch Managers
  • Banking Strategy and Business Development Professionals

Day 1: The Foundations of Banking Relationship Management

  • Morning session:
    • Overview of relationship management in the banking sector: Why it matters now more than Ever
    • The distinct profiles: Unpacking the needs and expectations of corporate vs. personal banking clients
  • Afternoon session:
    • Building trust: The psychological and practical aspects
    • Role of technology and digital platforms in shaping modern banking relationships

Day 2: Advanced Strategies for Deepening Client Relations

  • Morning session:
    • Relationship lifecycle in banking: Acquisition, nurturing, retention, and growth
    • Personalizing banking experiences: Leveraging data and insights for tailored services
  • Afternoon session:
    • Cross-selling and upselling: A delicate balance of meeting client needs and boosting profitability
    • Ethical considerations and ensuring transparency in banking relationships

Day 3: Addressing Challenges and Future-proofing Client Relations

  • Morning session:
    • Common pitfalls in banking relationship management and mitigation strategies
    • Communication mastery: Effective techniques for resolving conflicts and handling feedback
  • Afternoon session:
    • Adapting to the digital era: Ensuring human touch in an increasingly digital banking world
    • Hands-on workshop: Crafting a relationship management action plan tailored to specific banking scenarios

1970 - Course Type & Date

DATE: 01 - 01 Jan, 1970

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