Conducting Security Surveys and Assessments


01 - 01 Jan, 1970



Why Attend?

Acquire the vital skill of security surveying through our comprehensive PiB training. Gain expertise in conducting efficient security surveys, pinpointing threats, and safeguarding your assets. This course equips security personnel with practical tools for risk management and security design, empowering them to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios. Validate your capabilities and stay ahead of dynamic security demands by enrolling in the Conducting Security Surveys and Assessments training course.

The PiB training course encompasses the following key topics:

- Determining Optimal Timing for Security Surveys
- Components of an Effective Security Survey
- Strategizing and Executing a Comprehensive Security Survey
- Employing Crime Prevention Methods and Techniques to Mitigate Loss and Criminal Activities
- Harnessing the Security Survey to Develop a Rigorous Risk Assessment
- Exploring Diverse Security Measures, Selecting Appropriate Instances, and Implementing Them
- Crafting Proficient Security Survey Reports with Impactful Recommendations

course-obj_img Course Objectives

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    In this training, you'll learn how to conduct comprehensive security surveys, addressing risks from criminal activities to natural disasters like lightning and fire. The course emphasizes the value and purpose of surveys, guiding you to identify areas of risk and provide actionable solutions. You'll also gain insights into drafting operating procedures, management reports, and sales proposals.

    By course completion, participants will:

    1. Survey various industries and premises.
    2. Analyze, minimize, and eliminate risks.
    3. Apply security personnel and electronic protection.
    4. Engage in practical skill application.
    5. Understand the requirements of BS7499.

    Join us to master the art of security surveying and risk mitigation.

course-obj_img Target Audience

The Conducting Security Surveys and Assessments course provided by PiB is well-suited for a wide array of professionals, with particular benefits for:

- Security Supervisors
- Security Agency Managers
- Security Operations Managers
- Chief Security Officers
- Security Executives

Additionally, this training is crafted to meet the needs of other professionals aiming to stay updated with the latest trends in security management techniques. Join us to elevate your skills and understanding in this vital domain.

DAY 1:
1. Security Risk Management Framework
2. Introductions and Sign-In
3. Developing the Operational Requirement
4. System Design and Development
5. Conducting Site Security Surveys
6. Security Risk Analysis
7. Introduction to Security Surveying and Design
8. Effective Documentation

DAY 2:
1. Addressing Security Challenges
2. Crime and Loss Prevention
3. Introduction to Investigations
4. Protection against Explosive Devices
5. Manpower Management and Guarding Operations
6. Protection of Sensitive Information
7. Understanding Primary Physical Security Threats
8. Conducting Risk (RA) and Vulnerability (SVA) Assessments

DAY 3:
1. Access Control and Physical Monitoring
2. Acquiring Physical Security Assets
3. Operation and Maintenance of Security Resources
4. Effective Security Risk Management
5. Perimeter Security
6. Building Security
7. Access Management

DAY 4:
1. Security Planning Overview
2. Contractor Selection
3. Preparing a Successful Tender Package
4. Security Policies and Procedures
5. Defining Resource Outcomes and Cost-Effectiveness
6. Considering Life-Cycle, Warranty, and Preventive Maintenance
7. Managing Security Projects

DAY 5:
1. Security Compliance and Project Management
2. Balancing Public Facilitation with Security Measures
3. Security Management Systems (SeMS)
4. Performance and Compliance
5. Resource Support and Project Management Determination
6. Physical Security / Information Technology Integration
7. Implementing Maintenance Regimes

1970 - Course Type & Date

DATE: 01 - 01 Jan, 1970

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