The Certified Supervisor


08 - 11 Jul, 2024



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The Certified Supervisor

course-obj_img Course Objectives

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    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Identify the essential leadership skills of the successful supervisor
    • Apply the managerial skills effectively in order to actively influence others
    • Manage performance problems and help the team grow
    • Demonstrate coaching techniques to better manage performance
    • Create a motivational environment to energize and inspire their team

course-obj_img Target Audience

Experienced supervisors, frontline leaders, senior supervisors, department heads, and team leaders who want to sharpen their supervisory, managerial, and team leadership skills.

  • Leadership skills of the successful supervisor
    • Identifying your personal leadership style
    • Displaying transparency and building trust
    • Communicating powerfully and prolifically
    • Maintaining emotional balance
    • Practicing empathy through listening
    • Promoting leadership in your team
    • Be innovative and proactive
  • Managerial skills of the successful supervisor
    • Promoting the vision and mission of the organization
    • Identifying the strategic and operational goals of the organization
    • Aligning company goals with the team's goals
    • Creating commitment to the values of the organization
    • Planning the road map of your team
    • Organizing the needed resources efficiently
    • Delegating the tasks to the right team members
    • Monitoring the team for optimal performance
    • Diagnosing and solving problems effectively
  • Performance evaluation and performance problems
    • The 3 core questions of performance reviews
      • How am I doing
      • What do I need to accomplish
      • What do I need to learn
    • The ladder of inference
      • Observing
      • Interpreting
      • Evaluating
      • Acting
    • The 4 steps to address performance problems
      • Planning
      • Meeting
      • Reflecting and deciding
      • Following up
  • Coaching for optimal performance
    • Giving and receiving criticism constructively
    • Minimizing defensiveness in yourself and others
    • Coaching self-assessment
    • Coaching skills for every supervisor
    • The coaching process in practice
    • Help your staff grow
  • Creating a motivational environment
    • Carrots and sticks: the seven deadly flaws
    • Type I and Type X people
      • Intrinsic
      • Extrinsic
    • The three elements of motivation 3.0
      • Autonomy
      • Mastery
      • Purpose
    • The heart of supervision (the 3 elements in practice)
    • When and how to use rewards
      • 'If-then' rewards
      • 'Now-that' rewards
    • The reward flow chart

2024 - Course Type & Date

DATE: 08 - 11 Jul, 2024

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