The Efficient and Highly Productive Administrator


01 - 01 Jan, 1970


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Why Attend?

Organizations are experiencing rapid changes, creating several challenges for modern administrators. Most notably is the need for administrators to absorb more workload and improve output quality. This course will equip you with precise strategies which will lift your productivity and efficiency to new levels. It will also develop your behavioral competencies, which will help you gain the needed relations. Finally, this course will provide you with highly required technical competencies skills.

course-obj_img Course Objectives

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    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • List the administrators' challenges in the 21st century and ways for proactively overcoming them
    • Combine the efficiency and effectiveness concepts for higher productivity
    • Develop technical competencies to enable professional advancement
    • Apply the soft skills required to stand out from the crowd
    • Use professional business writing techniques in internal and external communication

course-obj_img Target Audience

Administrators, office managers, personal assistants, and any general staff member wishing to improve their skills and challenge themselves to excel in their mission at the office.

Administrators' Challenges of the 21st century

  • Being a talent
  • The changes in the psychological contract
  • Seeing through obstacles
  • Adaptability and change
  • Gaining credibility
  • Taking the initiative
  • Embracing a positive attitude
  • Customer relations
  • The Productivity Equation
    • Productivity definition
    • Effectiveness versus efficiency
    • Signs of inefficiencies at your office
    • Simplification of work processes
    • Best practices to be more productive
  • Administrators' Soft Skills
    • Self-leadership
      • Personal SWOT analysis
      • Reactive versus proactive
    • Effective communication:
    • Types of communication
    • Communication barriers
      • Listening skills
      • Time management:
      • Time wasters
      • Setting priorities
    • Solving office problems (and turning them into opportunities)
      • Types of problems
      • Problem-solving techniques
    • Working as a team
  • Technical Competencies of the Modern Administrator
    • Criteria for an effective administrator
    • The meaning of competency
    • Core competencies versus technical competencies
    • An administrator’s technical competencies:
      • Task planning
      • Organizing work and meetings
      • Information management
      • Utilization of office technologies
  • Efficient Business Writing Skills
    • Definition of business writing
    • Setting emails, letters, and memos in context
    • Applying modern writing techniques
    • Responding to different email/memo scenarios
    • Promoting clarity in writing and avoiding any miscommunication

1970 - Course Type & Date

DATE: 01 - 01 Jan, 1970

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