Training ROI: Practical Applications


01 - 01 Jan, 1970


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Why Attend?

Theoretically speaking, calculating ROI on training projects is easy. However, when it comes to implementation, every training intervention has different considerations and hence its ROI needs to be calculated differently. This leaves some training professionals with much confusion. In this course, we skip the theoretical part and delve into practical case studies where we calculate ROI for the most common training programs in the region like leadership, health and safety, customer service, communication, software training, and other soft skills. 

course-obj_img Course Objectives

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    By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

    • Establish a solid relationship between business needs and training projects
    • Scientifically isolate the impact of the most common training programs on business outcomes
    • Monetize the benefits of the most common training programs
    • Compare the costs of training programs depending on their delivery methods - online, onsite, and blended
    • Optimize the ROI on training programs

course-obj_img Target Audience

Training and development professionals involved in the process of training needs analysis, coordinating, and organizing training courses, and evaluating the results of training.

  • The ROI formula
    • The cost items of a training program
    • The enigma of training benefits
    • Starting with business needs in mind
    • The ROI formula
    • Strategies to optimize the ROI on training programs
  • Case study #1 - ROI on leadership development programs
    • A typical leadership development program - the most common components
    • The organizational benefits of leadership development programs
    • Monetizing the benefits of leadership development programs
    • Isolating the impact of leadership development programs on business outcomes
    • ROI of a leadership development program linked to employee retention
  • Case study #2 - ROI on health and safety training programs
    • Costs involved in health and safety accidents
    • Saving money through health and safety training
    • The ROI formula applied to health and safety training
    • Is it worth having your internal trainers?
  • Case study #3 - ROI on virtual Microsoft Excel training programs
    • How MS Excel training programs help employees
    • Monetizing the benefits of Microsoft Excel training programs
    • Ensuring implementation of newly acquired skills to maximize ROI
    • The right audience for a Microsoft Excel training program
    • The ROI formula applied to a Microsoft Excel training program
    • Participating in an open course or attending an in-company one? From an ROI perspective
  • Case study #4 - ROI on customer service training programs
    • Organizational benefits of customer service training programs
    • Connecting clients’ data to organizational performance
    • Analyzing the right customer service competencies
    • Partnering with internal business stakeholders to get required data
    • The ROI formula applied to a customer service training program
  • Case study #5 - ROI on self-led cybersecurity training programs
    • The financial risks involved in cyberattacks
    • The journey to design a self-led learning program
    • The cost of designing a self-led cybersecurity training program
    • Monetizing the benefits of cybersecurity awareness
    • The ROI formula applied to a cybersecurity training program

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DATE: 01 - 01 Jan, 1970

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