Moving from FIN to FINplus - Fundamentals





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Moving from FIN to FINplus - Fundamentals

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Banking Operations, Information Technology, Payment Systems, Compliance, Payment Department and SWIFT Department.


• What is an Interact Message: Discovering business and technical features of an InterAct service, Going through the structure of a technical message, Reviewing the whole message processing

 • What is an ISO 20022 Message: Defining the elements of an ISO 20022 message, Using a dedicated application header for the back-office, Naming your message types

 • The FINplus service: Using live and pilot services, Adopting a naming convention for emission and reception addresses, Segregating the business flows, Keeping the message flow secured

 • The subscription process: Registering to the FINplus service for live and test and training, Changing the service configuration when needed

 • The SWIFTNet system messages: Processing delivery notications, Performing message retrievals, Reporting on the SnF service 


• Preparing Alliance Access for FINplus: Message Standards, Application Service Profiles, SWIFT connectivity through Alliance Gateway and PKI, Input and Output channels, Emission and Reception profiles, Back-ofce connectivity

 • Routing and message processing through Alliance Access: Compare and adapt the message flow for manually created ISO 20022 messages and ISO 20022 messages created by the back-ofce applications, Read and analyse message acknowledgement, Delivery and Y-copy notifications

 • XMLv2 message format: Essentials, Structure, Documentation • Best practices on management of message duplication: Reminders, Sending messages without input channels, Sending messages with input channels, Summary

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