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Manage Alliance Access

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Information Technology, Payment Systems

• Updates: installation of patches, message syntax tables, deployment packages, SWIFTRef files, and Application Service Profiles

 • User Management and Security Parameters: default Alliance Security Officers, profiles, operators, authentication methods, and security parameters

 • Alliance Gateway Connectivity: configuring Alliance Gateway connections, configuring Logical Terminals connections as well as emission and reception profiles

 • Message Partners: connectivity of Alliance Access with external applications and printers

 • Routing: defining routing rules in Alliance Access, purpose of routing schema, setting up additional routing keywords

 • Message Searching and Reporting: using advanced searching functions and reporting

 • Archive and back-up procedures: safe-storing SWIFT messages, events and software configuration

 • Scheduling and Calendar: automation of daily tasks

 • System Parameters and Event Log: how to change system parameters, how to troubleshoot effectively the system and how to activate or de- activate alarms

 • Using the Monitoring GUI: supervising and operating the elements which are visible through the Monitoring GUI

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