Understanding UCP 600

Why Attend

This course is designed to be the on-line fast track to proficiency in documentary credit work. Knowledge and skills that have traditionally taken years of experience to acquire can now be attained in a matter of weeks.

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Course Objectives

  • This course is designed to explain thoroughly the provisions of UCP600

Target Audience

This course is a must for all trade services officers. Working in banks and corporates.
  • Application, Definitions, Interpretations
  • Credits v. Contracts, Documents v. Goods, Services or Performances
  • Availability of Credits by Payment, Deferred Payment, Acceptance and Negotiation
  • Expiry Date and Place for Presentation
  • Complying Presentation, Examination of Documents and notice of Refusal of Discrepant documents.
  • Original Documents and Copies
  • Liabilities and Responsibilities
  • Trade Documents
  • Transferable Credits and Assignment of Proceeds


Reference ICC. Publications used for this course:

  • 600

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