Women’s Executive Leadership

Why Attend

From glass ceilings and “leaning in” to office politics and work-life balance, female executive leaders face numerous challenges. As they ascend the corporate ladder and take on greater management responsibilities, women executives need a full understanding of how to navigate the dynamics involved. Women’s Executive Leadership Program, is an executive leadership program for women that features the latest in work motivation and engagement, career development, internal coaching, emotional intelligence, and women in leadership roles. Participants will gain invaluable insight into their personal leadership styles and career strengths and master the building blocks of business acumen.

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Course Objectives

  • By the end of the course you woll be able to:
  • • Reimagine and advance your leadership skills
  • • Enhance your professional influence
  • • Improve your business acumen by gaining a more sophisticated understanding of talent management, and financial reporting
  • • Better understand nuances of negotiations and emotional intelligence
  • • Hone your critical-thinking and decision-making abilities

Target Audience

Women’s Executive Leadership is best suited for executives and high-potential women who are transitioning into senior management roles within a large corporation or women entrepreneurs who are taking on a broader leadership role as their company grows.

Participants will gain keen insights and the tools to:

  • Reimagine and further develop leadership skills
  • Enhance professional influence
  • Improve business acumen by providing a more sophisticated understanding of core skills including talent management, financial reporting, and communications
  • Better understand nuances of negotiations and emotional intelligence
  • Hone critical-thinking and decision-making abilities

To further leverage the value and impact of this program, we encourage companies to send cross-functional teams of executives to attend this course in Ghana or Rwanda. We offer Group enrollment benefits to companies sending five or more participants.

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