ICA Specialist Certificate in Combating the Financing of Terrorism

Why Attend

Firms have a key role to play in identifying terrorist activity. In this course, you will examine the key terrorist motivators and what terrorists need to operate. You will explore sources of financing, the global CFT environment and proliferation issues (dual use goods and WMD). This course is awarded in association with Alliance Manchester Business School, the University of Manchester.

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Course Objectives

  • Introduction to terrorism
  • Terrorism threats and risk assessment
  • Hierarchy of international and regional legislative and regulatory framework
  • Risk management
  • Red flag indicators

Target Audience

Compliance, AML and financial crime officers
Money laundering reporting officers
Managers responsible for internal compliance controls
Internal and external audit staff
Company secretaries
Legal practitioners and support staff

Introduction to Terrorism

  • Threat of terrorism
  • History of terrorism
  • Current threat assessment
  • Importance of managing these risks
  • Financing of recruitment for terrorist purposes


Hierarchy of International and Regional Legislative and Regulatory Frameworks

  • International framework
  • Overview of regional jurisdiction legislation and regulation
  • International guidance and best practice
  • Key international sanctions regimes


Terrorism Threats and Risk Assessments

  • Defining terrorist threats
  • Terrorist ideology and motivation
  • Introduction to key international terrorist groups
  • What terrorists need – financial and resourcing requirements


Risk Management

  • Risk-based approach to managing CFT and proliferation
  • Customer due diligence
  • Transaction monitoring
  • Staff training and red flags
  • Reporting knowledge or suspicion
  • Dealing with the authorities


When Things Go Wrong

  • Consequences of failing to manage CFT risks
  • Regional terrorism case examples

This course has not been scheduled, however you can request for In-House training