ICA Specialist Certificate in Anti-Corruption

Why Attend

ICA Specialist Certificates are designed for anyone wanting focused yet accessible knowledge in specific areas of risk. They are suitable either for those working in the first and second lines of defence looking to certify existing specialist areas of knowledge, or for those looking to increase their professional agility by learning about new areas of risk. To get the most from the course, a good standard of English is required.

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Course Objectives

  • Understanding corruption
  • The craft of corruption
  • Who are the stakeholders?
  • High-risk countries, industries and customers
  • Anti-corruption legislation
  • Enforcement
  • An holistic approach to corruption risk mitigation
  • Future trends and the rise of the anti-corruption professionals

Target Audience

Global business and regulatory risks of bribery and other forms of corruption

Essential Concepts in Anti-Corruption

  • Defining corruption and its methods
  • Global and local socio-economic and political impacts
  • Links to sustainability, safety and security


The Global Anti-Corruption Imperative

  • Political trends and consumer expectations
  • International multilateral organisation agreements
  • Influence of anti-corruption CSOs
  • Media and information technology developments


Anti-Corruption Legislation and Enforcement

  • Trends in global anti-corruption legislation and enforcement
  • US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • UK Bribery Act
  • Sanctions for non-compliance and co-operation incentives


Achieving Anti-Corruption Compliance

  • Assessing corruption risk
  • Essentials of comprehensive compliance programmes
  • Fostering an ethical organisation culture
  • Practical insights and best-practice resources

This course has not been scheduled, however you can request for In-House training