The Proactive HR Leader

Why Attend

To be effective organizations must have a supply of employees willing and able to play by the new rules of international business. The role of HR is key! To do this HR must reshape itself and become a true proactive business partner. But how? It must develop new approaches to selection, training, careers, rewards, and IS systems so that strategically critical competencies and capabilities are created. To contribute to organizational performance HR practices must fit with each other and with the strategy and design of the business. HR must operate at multiple levels of analysis: at the individual, workgroup, business unit, organization, and cross-organizational levels. It must not only become an individual performer. It must proactively contribute to the development and performance wherever it is strategically important. It must also have a good understanding of industry trends and competitive issues. To do this HR needs personnel who are best in class at what they do and how they do it. This Proactive HR Leader Training will help you to get to acquire the necessary skills.

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Course Objectives

  • This Proactive HR Leader training program will look at how to:
  • • Create a proactive ‘best in class’ HR function that works in partnership with the organization to deliver business goals, maximize efficiency, deliver performance improvement and get more from what already exists.
  • • Ensure the HR department adds proactive and tangible value to the organization.
  • • Ensure HR personnel proactively delivers the kinds of systems and business partnership behaviors that will make the organization more effective.

Target Audience

HR personnel who wish to understand proactive and strategic HR best practices.

Module 1 - The Changing (Business) Expectations of HR

  • KeyTopics:
    • Clarify HR function objectives and roles aligned with business requirements
    • How to manage the HR functions resources more effectively and efficiently
    • Learn how to identify business requirements
    • Understand communication styles and the effect on relationships within/without the HR team
    • Understand how to resolve problems with stakeholders
    • How to ensure we add tangible value to business performance

Module 2 - How HR Should Work

  • KeyTopics:
    • How to manage the HR functions resources more effectively and efficiently
    • How to plan and prepare your work proactively
    • Practical guidelines for delivering HR resources effectively and confidently to deliver strategic (rather than just administrative) business objectives
    • Learn how to work to eliminate duplication of effort and develop positive relationships with stakeholders

Module 3 - Significant HR Actions that Can Help Improve Organizational Efficiency

  • KeyTopics:
    • Proactively influencing the business to listen and respond positively
    • Improving business response through effective questioning and proactive delivery
    • Generating business ownership and responsibility for implementation
    • Produce plans that can be measured against business priorities
    • Know how to deliver measurable business benefits 

Module 4 - Translating HR Strategy into Proactive Action

  • KeyTopics:
    • The HR function as change agent and facilitator
    • How HR must motivate the business
    • Removing blocks to creativity and motivation in the HR function

Module 5 - Significant Changes in how HR Must Function in Future

  • KeyTopics:
    • How HR strategy should be aligned with business plans
    • Managing and valuing organizational human capital in ways the business understands
    • Developing and measuring competencies and performance

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