Managing your Internal Training Academy

Why Attend

Learning is widely recognized now as a mean for performance improvement. Many companies have established their own training academies while other companies are currently considering the idea seriously, hoping to provide employees with continuous learning opportunities that are highly effective. If you belong to the HR or training department of either of these two kinds of companies, this course is an absolute necessity for you. It will help you establish the right kind of corporate academy that can effectively and impressively impact your company's performance.

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Course Objectives

  • Assess the need of their organization for an internal academy
  • Monitor the performance of internal academies through a set of well-defined KPIs
  • Recruit, develop, and reward internal subject matter experts as trainers for the internal academy
  • Build their corporate curricula and library of courses
  • Implement an effective internal communication strategy for the internal academy

Target Audience

This course targets managers and specialists of human resources, training and development, organizational development, and talent development departments.
  • Introduction to managing corporate academies
    • The right time to establish the internal corporate academy
    • How organizations benefit from having an internal academy
    • What could make internal corporate academies fail
    • Courses that can be offered internally
    • Courses that cannot be offered internally
    • Risks involved in having internal corporate academies
      • For the organization
      • For the employees
      • For the training department
    • Developing policies and procedures to manage the internal academy effectively
    • The internal academy layout, design, and feel 
  • Academy key performance indicators
    • The profitability indicator
    • The quality indicator
    • The regularity indicator
    • The innovation indicator
    • The engagement indicator
    • The societal indicator
    • The talent attraction indicator
    • The academy dashboard
  • Recruiting, developing, and rewarding internal instructors
    • The competency framework of internal instructors
    • The four types of instructors
    • Sourcing and attracting internal instructors
    • Recruiting and selection internal instructors
    • Developing subject matter experts into effective instructors
    • Internal instructors rewards system
  • Curriculum building and continuous improvement
    • Instructional design principles
    • Designing courses aligned with the organizational strategies
    • Curriculum quality standards
    • Partnering with line managers to offer effective learning solutions
    • Developing effective curriculum documentation
    • Evaluating and improving learning episodes
    • Integrating technology into your internal academy
    • Best types of learning activities
  • Academy marketing and internal communication
    • Branding your academy
    • Effective tools for marketing the academy internally
    • Effective tools for marketing the academy externally
    • Building strategic partnership with external training institutions
    • Leveraging corporate social responsibility through internal academies
    • Attracting top talents through learning engagement with potential candidates
    • Your internal academy as a CSR vehicle

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