Win-Win Negotiation Skills

Why Attend

Negotiation is part of our daily lives. Every day we negotiate with customers, suppliers, co-workers, business associates, and family members. In this training course, you will gain insight into the habits of good negotiators as you build your own skills to negotiate successfully and effectively in any situation.

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Course Objectives

  • Compare and contrast between the integrative and the distributive types of negotiations
  • Evaluate and assess the differences between soft, hard, and principled styles of negotiations
  • Understand and work effectively through the four phases of negotiation
  • Explore and apply different negotiation tactics
  • Plan and conduct effective negotiations

Target Audience

This course is designed for anyone who wishes to enhance their negotiation skills and make negotiations a more enjoyable, rewarding, and effective part in any situation.
  • Introduction to basic negotiation skills
    • The many faces of negotiation
    • Distributive negotiation
    • Integrative negotiation
    • Negotiation outcomes
    • Persuasion versus negotiation
    • Characteristics of good negotiators
  • Essentials of negotiation
    • The four phases of negotiation
    • The seven pillars of negotiation wisdom
    • Choosing when to walk away (BATNA)
    • How to concede: do’s and don’ts
  • Basic negotiation strategies and source of power
    • Thirteen basic negotiation strategies and tactics
    • Assessing the source of negotiating power
    • Trust building in negotiation
    • Negotiation mistakes to avoid

This course has not been scheduled, however you can request for In-House training