ISO20022 Adoption (Payments and Cash Management Training using ISO20022)

Why Attend

SWIFT proposes to provide a 3-day tailored technical workshop through PiBKnowledge in order to help second and third line of defense at Commercial Banks and Bank of Ghana beer understand the controls and explain how to perform the assessments effecvely on the SWIFT infrastructure. The workshop will be delivered by a SWIFT subject matter expert. He/she will apply a combination of theoretical and practical best practices to ensure effecve multi-channel learning. For praccal reasons and to guarantee the quality of the delivery of this workshop, SWIFT strongly advises on mely registraon towards the program.

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Course Objectives

  • Providing information on the international standard for financial messages ISO 20022, familiarization with the SWIFT program for migration to the new standard, the functions of international working groups, the rules for using messages in the Payments and Cash Management business areas (pacs, camt).

Target Audience

Bank department specialists responsible for sending and receiving international and local payments, business analysts, IT department specialists, employees responsible for preparing for migration to ISO 20022.
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • Evolution of standards
  • ISO 20022 overview
  • XML basics
  • XML message ID
  • XML block structure
  • Business application header
  • Migration ISO 20022
  • HVPS + & CBPR +
  • Implementation of ISO 20022
  • ISO 20022 External Code Lists
  • Documentation
  • ISO 20022 Payments and Cash Management - message flows (pacs.008, pacs.009, pacs.010, pacs.002, pacs.004,
    camt.056, camt.029, camt.052, camt. 053)
  • ISO 20022 Payments and Cash Management - Messages (pacs.008, pacs.009, pacs.002, pacs.004, pacs.010,
    camt.054, camt.053)
  • ISO 20022 Payments and Cash Management - Exercise
  • ISO 20022 Payments and Cash Management - Quiz

This course has not been scheduled, however you can request for In-House training